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21 Jan 2014

Eastman-Kodak’s Chapter 11 and Recent Preference Actions

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On September 3, 2013, after 20 months of chapter 11 proceedings, Eastman-Kodak’s bankruptcy plan was approved. Despite emerging from chapter 11, however, the case is far from over. Now, the trustee is seeking to recover preferential transfers made by the debtor to creditors in the 90 days preceding its chapter 11 filing. Many vendors have likely received demand letters and more than 600 complaints have been filed by the trustee totaling more than $400 million. […]

3 May 2011

Perfecting Your Attachment Lien Post Bankruptcy

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The benefits to a creditor in obtaining a writ of attachment against a debtor are numerous. Aside from providing the creditor with a speedy remedy that encourages settlement, a writ of attachment creates a lien, all be it unperfected, over a debtor’s assets upon levying on the debtor’s property. The recent case of Aquarius Disk [...]