Blakeley Law Group was founded by Brad Blakeley, a seasoned lawyer seeking a more cost-effective way to serve his individual and corporate clients in areas of creditors’ rights and commercial litigation. Blakeley Law operates on a small-scale eliminating the high overhead and administrative costs associated with a standard law practice.  The result is hourly rates and contingency fees of roughly 50% of what are typically charged for professionals with Mr. Blakeley’s expertise.

Mr. Blakeley sought this better way in response to new factors affecting both the legal profession and the clients:

  • Individual and corporate clients face increased pressure to be more productive – to do more with less. Now more than ever, clients need to spend cost-effectively, maximizing the return on their expenditures, whether for capital equipment or legal services. Reducing the cost of collection and increasing the successful collection of debts is paramount.

  • Akin to how fracking has allowed the extraction of oil and gas from shale, advancements in information technology has revolutionized the ability to analyze the collectability of a debt and locate hidden assets for recovery of the proverbial blood from a stone.

  • Information technology also has empowered attorneys with the ability to file documents and monitor cases electronically, which has dramatically reduced firm administrative costs and made a law firm’s office location much less important than in the past.

  • Telephonic appearances for most routine hearings enable attorneys to litigate cases in remote locations without incurring significant travel expenses.

  • Computerized legal research, document management software and other information technology, have made it possible for small law firms to handle high dollar, large or complex cases.

  • By focusing on developments in technology and the related efficiency, Blakeley Law keeps our hourly rates and costs lower than those of competing firms and enable us to consider alternative fee arrangements tailored to the needs of our clients with an eye toward developing and maintaining long-term relationships.